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Mai Tran

NOTICE to VNI Wireless users: On the day your service is ended. Please call 1-888-888-3113 to sign up with new Internet provider. They will need the MAC ID in the bottom or next to your modem. The MAC ID is starting with 00: for example 00:24:A0:A7:12:34. VNI will discontinue provide free email service at the end of April 17th 2014, please use free email offerred at or

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The Premium Entertainment Package includes a VNI Webmail account that allows you to directly type in Vietnamese (UNICODE) through a built-in keyboard as well as an email filter to help keep and eliminate virus, spam, and junk mail out of your Inbox. You also get to experience forum, all with the capability to type in Vietnamese language (UNICODE).


Note: Even if you already have DSL or another Internet service and prefer not to use VNI DSL Internet, you may still purchase our Premium Entertainment Package as a stand-alone option. With this Premium Entertainment Package, you will still get the same great services and benefits.

Go2VNI e-mail allows you to keep in touch in Vietnamese language (Unicode), anywhere & anytime. You get free e-mail account with Vietnamese UNICODE using webmail or POP3 (Outlook Express or Netscape mail). Now, with our built-in VNI Unicode keyboard, you can type in Vietnamese in Hotmail, YahooMail, or any other email service. Go2VNI now introduces our new mail filter option, which helps keep and eliminate unwanted mail out of your Inbox.
Do you like to post in forums? How about posting in Vietnamese? By being a member, you have access to our Vietnamese forum and discussion board.
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Web Hosting & Design

VNI offers web hosting for businesses or individuals that have already acomplished building a site but need a space on the world wide web. With experiences in visual arts and professional graphics, we also specialize in web design to customize your needs. Check out our collection of professional websites designed by VNI.